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Hello everyone! How are you? Welcome a
Again to MOA World. Today is a special video because I make few
videos talking about me but I wanted to do this video since we have reached 25
thousand subscribers and I am very happy. Already that there are new people, why not make a
presentation for all new people and the what is to come? After five years
I’m going to make a presentation, I’m going to leave this video in the channel profile for everyone
those that are new. If you already know me and know who I am and what I like, but
if you don’t know me, hello, I’m MOA and this It is my channel. The channel is called that because
this is the world of MOA, we upload content varied. What interests me most and worries me
it’s the animals, the environment, some entertainment videos like unboxings
or giveaways and be welcome because I would love to keep making content for you for
long time. 50 things about me. After many years
This tag became fashionable, it’s time because there are many people who are in the
channel and they don’t know something as simple as my real name, my name is not MOA. I wanted to tell you
some things because you asked me and to celebrate the 25 thousand subscribers. My full name is my full name,
Mary. MOA are my initials, but I like it MOA because Maria calls me the people of me
environment. I put it on because Maria is very common in Spain and I think in the whole world. I was born on October 16, 1996. Therefore
Soon it is my birthday and I am Libra. I don’t believe even I read horoscopes, but I like to know because
It is fantasy. I don’t know much about that subject. My favorite color is purple and my movie
Favorite is any Disney. Now I have 22 but I’ve always loved movies
of drawings and I will always like them. Disney He also makes films that are not drawings.
I’ve seen them almost all more than once. Me favorite movie or one of my favorites
It’s Lilo and Stich. It’s a bit underrated, only Stich became popular but he transmitted to me
Something very nice as animals is adopted. Lilo adopts Stich believing he is a dog
and I liked that, even though they haven’t taught me That is because the world is changing. My princess
Favorite is Bella, from Beauty and Beast. I feel identified, I prefer to look at the
inside of people than in the physical. I’ve always wanted to know how to sing and dance.
I’m not good at it, I went to dance classes and Some singing but nothing. It’s a hobby that I have
inside that one day I can retake. Another hobby that I would have liked to learn
It’s drawing, I don’t know but I’m learning. I’m doing nail courses to draw pictures
Freehand and I’m learned that. My dream and my passion has always been the
makeup, and I work and live from it. I have a business, a nail and makeup studio
and work on it. It is what he will give me tomorrow, you never know where I can
arrive. Bella likes to read books, but I like them
More movies. It’s a point you don’t know, but whenever I edit photos or videos that
They are voiceless, I’m watching some movie or background series. I always do two things to
the time If I watch TV, it’s because I’m with someone, but if I am alone game on mobile
And I do two things at once. I’m calm I get overwhelmed easily and I don’t want to lose
time, life is too short as to lose it A couple of years ago I took a photography course
basic and that has helped me get started in YouTube, I want to make videos of how to do
photos to pets because you told me asked a lot but it’s a bit weird because currently
I don’t have any animals but soon hope so. A year ago I did a veterinary assistant course
of small mammals. It was an intensive course for a month. I met the anatomy and physiology
and diseases of small mammals like rabbits or hamster. I really like them
animals but I don’t see myself as a veterinarian, and I wanted professional information to do
The videos. I’m getting quite informed For the dogs. I volunteer for a shelter
and I would like to know more about them. Five years ago I finished studying the module
medium of aesthetics and I did a hairdressing course. I don’t consider myself a hairdresser and I don’t work as
Beautician because it is not what identifies me. They have basic knowledge of makeup
but I have a professional master in makeup and I have done nail courses. I know a lot
on the skin and how to treat it. I don’t consider myself atheistic or religious. I’m baptized
and I have made communion, in my family we have Been a bit for Christianity. In Spain
it’s normal, we do it by tradition more That by beliefs.
I prayed as a child with my parents, but I was not going to church. From nine or ten
years I started studying human evolution and I no longer believe in God or anything. I made communion
without believing, I thought there could be something but I don’t think there is something or someone but yes
I believe in Mother Nature. I like to believe that the planet has life, but I speak of the
Nature as not a god but a life that he transmits his problems to us as the change
climate. I’m surprised how the vegetation. In Chernobyl the vegetation
has adapted and Mother Nature has a stronger power than what you can have
The man never. I believe in Nature and that the world transmits signals that
Things are going wrong. I don’t believe in any religion, yes in destiny and that everything you sow
bears fruit If you sow well, it will give a good fruit. My dream would also be to hit a year
sabbatical, traveling with my partner and my dog and a motorhome. I would love to spend
a whole year knowing new cultures, Gastronomy, vegetation, fauna. I would love to
But it is a bit complicated. Since childhood I have loved video games.
I told you recently if you would like a channel of gameplays and you said yes. Little
People have told me no. I will do it but no Be the logo to put on or anything. I’m already thinking.
My favorite saga is Assassin’s Creed, I love it I’m not a history lover but
I find them well done, many landscapes. I don’t like to party, I’ve never smoked
And I don’t usually drink alcohol. When I was 14-15 I smoked hookah, I don’t know if you know what it is,
But I had no drugs. I don’t like to consume Nothing that I know is going to kill me. I am more than
blanket and movie or a video game night What a party night. Since I’ve been on YouTube I know how it works
the issue of influencers, I’m not big, no I have many followers but I have informed
quite because I really like that it has emerged This new job, the youtuber and influencer.
I don’t like Instagram, it is transparent on YouTube and although people make bad content, there are
People who make good content. Many times You asked me if I would write a book
I would like one about animals or hamster, how to take care of it or about adoption. Everybody
we have a mission in life and we have to leave a granite in the world and my brand would be
give my point of view on how I see the world and how to respect the animals. I don’t drink soda, I drink more water. But
If I drink something, Lemon Fanta. At the weddings I always ask for water. Once a month or so,
Fanta I have said that I am baptized and I have done the
communion but I would not do it in my children, If I ever have one, it would be enough. Never
I would do it to force him. I should choose that when you grow up, when you grow up you can’t take your baptism off.
I decided to make communion, even if it was For the hairdresser. I want my children to choose
what religion they want, if they want any. If I don’t believe in religion, why do I
I was going to do? If I got married one day, it would be In a forest. In my area there are not many, but
I would love a Twilight type wedding, when they get married I love a wedding like that,
Very kind fairy. I would like to have a child. Years ago I would have said triplets but to
today with one already… And I’m too much saying. Today I don’t have any pets, no
animal at home I hope to have an animal inside of little, but for that they have to leave me
good things. I’m saving to become independent And if I do, I can adopt it. I have never been good at studying, I don’t like it
because in the school and institute. My mother she cried a lot because of me because she didn’t
He liked it because if I didn’t like it, I didn’t I studied. I was very good at plastic,
Music and gymnastics, if it’s dance. In that always got outstanding but the rest
of subjects no. My mind is selective, and that which does not interest me, I eliminate. Yes
going back would take advantage but it wouldn’t help me you’re welcome to have tried harder, but it’s important
have studies. I did high school for pure letters, I made Latin and Greek, but it’s
very important and I would like to make a video talking about what should I do because
people are very wrong with choosing a trade, hobby or dream. I would like to do
A video about that. I am afraid of an animal, the spider. They give me
very afraid. Less and less but I don’t like them the insects. Cockroaches disgust me because
they seem to have diseases, they are in sewers. I don’t touch the rats but
They don’t disgust me, but the insects … My dream and my goal as a makeup artist is to work
in cinema or television, some series or movie. I would love to but it is very difficult. I am very
Young and one day I can get it, I hope. If not, then I will be happy doing what I do. I love driving, I think I don’t drive
Wrong, a little fast. I relax driving but I’m afraid of people. A few months ago I had
a fairly important car accident because of a woman who skipped over
step. I’m afraid of the people who drive. My favorite food has been a salad
Celery, mayonnaise and chicken breast. I eat it very occasionally and I’m stopping eating
mammalian meat Slowly. I like it A lot of bakery stuff. Coca dumplings,
saladitos… I love and get fat, I try I don’t eat so much, I’m getting a little
chubby girl. When I was a teenager I made a creative pastry collection, I have
Like 40 books or so, I like it a lot. I currently have a partner, a boy. People
that you have followed me you have seen her in some video or I have put a picture with him. Do not
I like to show him because he doesn’t want to and It’s me who shows the image, it doesn’t have
why leave him, is my personal life. I doubt that ever leaves, I doubt that it is part
of the Chanel. It is usually who answers the messages and comments, it helps me a lot and makes
The subtitles of the videos. I’ve been almost 7 years. Even if I have a partner, I don’t consider myself
hetero. When I was a teenager I was a belieber. It was super
Justin Bieber fan, he had a lot of merchandising. I was in love with that boy. Today
I like that boy I was a fan of today I don’t like it because it has gotten
in a lot of trouble and not a role model. I was also a fan of Nicki Minaj, I’m still
being a fan because she is an empowered woman. It is operated to the eyebrows and goes from diva, if
You don’t like look at my ass. Today I love Bely Basarte, it’s very sweet, humble
and good. I love your music, it’s very sweet. I’m from the same city as Alba Reche, from
Triumph operation. I’m from Elche, Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain. I born here
and I live here but my family is La Mancha, I’m more of Albacete’s blood, but I was born
here and I am ilicitana. I also have a lot Manchego root When I get angry my boyfriend says
I have that vein My favorite numbers are 16 and 18.
The 16th is my birthday and it was the 18th in the school list I don’t like scary movies at all.
I have a very bad time and I get scratched. I feel bad make movie makeup videos
scary. IT, Saw, all that scares me. Be That is not real, but I feel very bad.
And yet I have done the IT and Saw’s. They are on the MOA MakeUp channel, you have it
at the end of the video I’ve always bit my nails, since
I’m 15, my nails have never been cut. Now I wear them porcelain because that way I don’t
I bite and because I’m allergic to the vast majority of nail stuff. Acetone, alcohol, degreaser,
bleach … I’m allergic to chemicals, the very sensitive skin I can’t touch many things,
but porcelain doesn’t make me allergic, less evil. I am very perfectionist and ambitious, I like it
that what I do is perfect. With the rest I am more tolerant. I am very ambitious, always
I want to be something else because we can evolve. I like to give away more as a gift. Makes me
more illusion to give gifts to people. I I like to be given gifts and surprises but
I love. As a child I wanted to be a wrapper of gifts, work wrapping presents.
I love making crafts. My favorite movie saga is Harry Potter,
I have grown up with that. I really like Star Wars. I’ve only broken two bones in my life. It was
the collarbone on this side. I broke here a piece because at school I was playing
in the yard and a guy who was overweight He fell on top of me and broke my collarbone.
It happened to me with 7 years, in Second of Primary. Months ago I had the car accident and I had
a broken wrist I have a hormonal implant, a stick that
I have here. It can disgust you. I have never been I liked the hormones and I put the year on
happened because I had very strong pains of menstruation. It is contraceptive for three
years. I have a blood problem but I am a blood donor because I can donate.
Soon I will donate. I have only donated once, but you can do it. Speaking of health problems, I’m short-sighted
And I have astigmatism. I am in the process of becoming vegetarian. Do not
I want to be vegan because of the problem of blood I’m going to go a nutritionist so that
inform me if I can be vegetarian or not, I imagine so, and how to do it. I have traveled to three countries outside of Spain.
I have gone to Italy, France and the United Kingdom. I was in London recently, I uploaded videos about
It, several vlogs. I would like to know Italian, it’s simple,
similar to Spanish. It is very beautiful and Portuguese Also, I think it’s very pretty. I only know how to talk
Spanish, English and Valencian. My favorite thing in the day is sleep. I am
Very sleepy, I always have been. I hate getting up early, That never changes. I will be groundhog until
die I love to sleep late at night I love. I love to eat, I am nothing delicate with
The food, I like them all. The only vegetable that I don’t like is the red pepper, and the
Only fruit I don’t like is kiwi. My favorite animal is the hamster, I have it
tattooed and with them came the channel. I will have Hamster all my life. My favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston, I am
very bad for the names of singers, actor … I forget even the names of songs. My favorite cartoon series was
Winx Club small. Today is LadyBug, I love it and see the chapters. My series
favorite of adults who don’t see drawings It’s Game of Thrones because I love fantasy,
Dragons and fantastic animals. Therefore I like Harry Potter. I would love to work
in a series of the Middle Ages. I love the gentlemen, the maids, the clothes, the
hairstyles I like it a lot, that’s why I like it Game of Thrones. I don’t like social, personal networks
I don’t have any, just a Facebook for him Work and share shelter things. He
I deleted my personal, also the Instagram. Today I have the social networks of
work that is MOA MakeUp and channel, MOA World. Social networks are good for
a business, but for personal and family life It is very hypocritical. I don’t like instagrarmers,
it gives me courage for people to take advantage of have numbers when numbers are bought,
on YouTube it’s harder. I’m more from Digimon than Pokémon, but
I know more Pokémon. I like both, what I’ve seen since childhood. I really like them
cheer up Hopefully one day we will reach 100,000 subscribers,
With that I would be very happy. It is a window to important world of people who think like
I. I thought it was weird but there is a lot People who think like me. I would not like
lose my privacy In Elche Alba Reche can not leave quiet, always ask
Photos, talking to him. They do not leave her alone. Do not I would like to lose my privacy. Being
in an event with the hostel in TiendaAnimal a girl went to buy things for hamster
and stared at me and then it turns out he met me, made me a lot
Illusion because I helped him. We made one photo and that’s it. I was ashamed of her and
I. If you ever see me on the street or If I’m traveling, it would make me look forward to
a photo because not something common, just happened once. I would not like not to leave
to the street as it happens with Rubius, AuronPlay … I wouldn’t like to reach those numbers, I want
have a normal life I have two tattoos. This puts MakeUp and a
butterfly. And I have this one that I have to review Because it has gone bad. Put MOA, take
an orchid of nature, this is a pearl representing my grandmothers who died
last year, and a hamster representing to the animals. I dream of a world without pollution, and
No animal abuse. Those two things are very important to me That the world dies
and battered animals, that man He thinks he is the owner and lord of everything he steps on.
That is why the channel is so important. Always I have thought so but I have never externalized it.
I know more and more people like me and the future it’s in our hands, and that young people
who sees us, we have to open their minds, Help and see the world differently.
I don’t think only of myself but of animals. In my spare time I help them and volunteer
to pick up trash and things like that. Yes all we try not to mistreat animals
and not dirty the world, it would not take volunteers Let them do what others get worse. Let’s get worse
but more and more people are aware. I hope you liked the video, it was
Long but I felt like it. Who wants to see it I see it. I shouldn’t worry so much
Throughout, whoever sees it. I I worry about my boyfriend because the poor man has
to make subtitles but do them when you can, You to yours, to your studies. Who wants
See me welcome be. I watch people’s videos They are long and I love them, I can meet them.
They are necessary because many people act in YouTube and I am the way I am. I don’t show 100%
because I speak bad words, but what I have counted is sincere and I care about animals,
It’s no use lying to me. I leave the networks in the information box
Social, thanks for watching. See you at the next video and if you are new do not forget
subscribe At the end of the video we have the second channel and soon the third one will be,
of gaming. We will see how this project comes out. Thanks for watching and soon there will be a raffle,
surprise. Ciao!


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