3 diferenças entre a catarata e o glaucoma

Hello! I´m Honassys Rocha, Clínica do Olho Medical Doctor and today I´ll talk about three differences between Glaucoma and Cataracts. Use the opening sequence, to give us a like and to subscribe the channel. There are some differences between glaucoma and cataracts. If you want to understand better, I need to show you that cataracts is a turbidity on the natural human eye lenses. What I mean is that these lenses are originally transparent. When this lens gets turbid, it looses its transparency so we call it cataracts. Whereas, glaucoma means a progressive visual field loss. Most of times associated to intraocular high pressure. The first difference is about turbid vision. As you already know, cataracts will provoke a turbid vision unlike glaucoma. In other way, cataracts doesn´t affect visual field. It only provokes this turbidity of all visual field. On the other hand, there is a progressive visual field loss and this loss is from outside in. About vision recover. there is a very important difference. After cataracts surgery, patients recover their vision in more than 99% of the cases. There is a vision recover to what it was before cataracts. Back to normal. Many times, depending on the new lenses, this patient can even see without glasses. Whereas, the loss in glaucoma is irreversible. From that, we keep saying how important a careful diagnosis is and that glaucoma patients should be followed by their ophtalmologists. If you have any doubts about glaucoma or cataracts, please leave it on our site clinicadoolho.med.br I´ll be glad to develop a content like this. Take your time and subscribe to our channel. You may share this video with people you know that may need this knoledge. Vision is the most important human being sense. Best regards and see you next video.


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