2019 MacBook Air Review – The Best Mac.. for some

We’ve been using Apple’s new 2019 MacBook
Air for about a week, and we can say that it basically feels the same as the last years’
model, but unlike last year, quite a few things have changed that will greatly impact your
buying decision. If you’ve seen our recent Which MacBook
should you buy in 2019 video, you probably already know that the new base 13” MacBook
Pro is the king of value when it comes to performance, being much faster than the MacBook
Air and offering basically twice as much performance per dollar. So in the case that you really want the most
performance you can get, you should obviously buy the MacBook Pro instead. But what if you don’t really care that much
about performance, what if you value other things, like battery life and typing experience
and saving a couple hundred dollars? That’s the case for a lot of people out
there, for people who just need a basic, reliable and premium laptop, to students, writers or
programmers. And yes, we did just release a brand new video
talking about how it actually makes sense for some people to buy an iPad Pro over a
MacBook Air, but if you’re digging the traditional laptop feel and you need macOS, the Air still
makes a lot of sense to buy, despite being the only MacBook in Apple’s 2019 lineup
with a dual-core processor. And in the real world, unless you’re doing
power-demanding productivity tasks, the MacBook Air is still fast enough for a lot of people. For example, people have been using dual-core
MacBook Airs for programming in apps like Xcode for years, despite being much slower
than the MacBook Pros. Sure, it won’t get the job done as quickly,
but it still gets it done. And for productivity work like this, the MacBook
Pros brighter and more color accurate display doesn’t really matter. On the plus side, the MacBook Air does get
True Tone technology this year, a feature which automatically adjusts the white balance
of the display to match the environment you’re in, so if you’re in a very warm-lit dark
room, the screen won’t blast you with a bunch of distracting blue light. This is a really great feature, especially
for people who spend a lot of time typing on their MacBook. And for typing, the MacBook Air is the best
you can get this year. That’s mainly due to the fact that the keyboard
actually sloped downward towards the front edge, which makes typing a lot more comfortable
to the flat straight-edged MacBook Pro. Now here’s where the drama comes in, Apple’s
butterfly keyboard is still equipped on this MacBook, which is known for having dead or
stuck key issues, and it’s a MAJOR reason why people think twice about buying it. But is this a major deal? We actually don’t think so, for a few reasons. We’ve been using and testing Apple’s butterfly
keyboard-equipped MacBooks ever since the original 2015 Retina MacBook, and so far,
out of around 30 MacBooks we’ve tested, with 5 of them being long-term, we’ve only
had issues with one MacBook, the original 2015 12” Retina. Other than that, we’ve experienced none
of the issues at all, and the best part about the 2019 MacBook Air is that it features Apple’s
4th-generation butterfly keys, with new materials that are supposed to be more reliable. This version of keys has been on the market
for around 2 months, and so far, we haven’t heard of a single report of keyboard issues
on the 2019 MacBooks. So we’re now pretty confident that if you
buy a 2019 MacBook Air, you probably won’t experience any issues. And just to give you peace of mind, Apple
is giving you a free 4 year keyboard-replacement warranty on any new MacBook, and to be completely
honest, if your keyboard is affected, it’ll probably happen within the first 4 years,
so I wouldn’t worry about it. Now here’s something great about the MacBook
Air. It’s now the only new MacBook that comes
with function keys, so if you absolutely hate the Touch Bar that now comes on every MacBook
Pro, you can go with the Air instead. And as a bonus, you still get a Touch ID sensor
which is really convenient for logging in and not having to enter your password every
time macOS asks you for it. While the trackpad is a bit smaller than the
one on the Pro, it’s still the same industry-leading ForceTouch trackpad that’s perhaps one of
the biggest advantages over Windows laptops. It’s seriously the best trackpad you can
get. On top of that, if you value battery life,
the MacBook Air gets the best battery life out of any MacBook. PCMag showed that it ran for 20 hours in their
battery life test, about an hour and a half longer than the Pro, and completely wiping
the floor with other popular Windows laptops. We tested the speakers various times and we
found that they’re actually pretty great, especially compared to most Windows laptops. They’re not as bassy as the MacBook Pro’s
speakers, but they are more than good enough to binge watch your favorite show on netflix. So with the MacBook Air, you get a very comfortable
typing experience, standard function keys, really good speakers, top-of-the-line battery
life, a decent display, the excellent trackpad and reliable macOS software, all for $1100
or $1000 with a student discount. So how the heck was Apple able to drop the
price by $100 for a great laptop like this? Well here’s where the bad news comes in. While testing storage speeds of this new MacBook
Air, we saw that they’ve become quite a bit slower compared to SSDs from 2018 and
even 2017. Even the 512GB model was limited to around
1300 MBps read and write. Now is this a big deal? Actually, I don’t think so. Yes, it does suck that storage speeds are
slower, but they’re still just as fast or faster than most Windows laptops. And for the people this laptop is meant for,
like students, writers, programmers and common people, the speeds are actually more than
fast enough. You really only need faster storage speeds
for working with productivity apps like photoshop, Lightroom and Final Cut Pro, and if you’re
doing that, you should be buying a MacBook Pro anyway. So no, I don’t think the slower storage
speeds are a big deal at all. Overall, this is great laptop and probably
the best choice if you don’t need the extra performance and would like to save a couple
hundred bucks. However, there is a third-wheel that just
entered the market, and that’s the 2018 iPad Pro loaded with Apple’s upcoming iPadOS
software, and I think it could actually make sense for some people to choose that instead. If you haven’t seen that video, definitely
check it out right there. If you enjoyed this review, tap the like button
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