2019 at the City of Launceston

2019 has been a huge year for Launceston. It kicked off with a bang, with the City of Launceston hosting the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards here at the spectacular Cataract Gorge. The event saw more than 800 awards finalists, tourism leaders and industry stakeholders all gather in
Launceston for their night of nights. This year, the City of Launceston completed a major
redevelopment of the Cataract Gorge playspace, and for the second time the city hosted the Mona Foma
festival, with Amanda Parer’s ‘Man’ being a real highlight. We conducted 12 fuel reduction burns across the municipality, over 1000 food business inspections, and we performed over 4000 immunisations. More than 35,000 people visited the Dinosaur Revolution exhibition at QVMAG. We developed a stormwater management plan, and we taught more than 2000 kids how to swim at the Launceston Leisure and Aquatic Centre. This year we had close to 100,000 people utilise the services here at the Launceston Waste Centre. Combined, our street sweepers have clocked over 10,000 hours cleaning the streets of Launceston. We developed the Invermay Traffic Master Plan, and we’ve also begun an audit of the QVMAG’s entire collection of over 1.5 million objects. We also won the Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable City Award for 2019. We welcomed more than 64,000 people through the doors of the Launceston Visitor Information Centre and Basin Cottage. We installed nearly 20,000 square metres of turf here at the University of Tasmania Stadium. We’ve conducted new modelling on the flood behaviour of the North Esk and South Esk Rivers which means that we’ll be better prepared for extreme weather events and future flooding. Because we want to find new ways of engaging with the community, we’ve launched the Tomorrow Together campaign. This campaign explores big topics such as resilience, planning and population. And of course we opened Riverbend Park, Tasmania’s biggest, newest and best all-abilities playground. We undertook a major redevelopment of the historic Macquarie House, modernising it, and giving it a new lease on life. During the year, we developed our first sustainability strategy. This outlines how we as a Council and a city plan to be more sustainable now and into the future. We established a recycling hub here at the Town Hall in Launceston, to give people a convenient way to recycle some of those more difficult items like batteries, X-rays, small e-waste products and things like that. During the Federal Election campaign, the City of Launceston successfully lobbied for over $27 million in funding for projects across the city. We’re developing a policy to phase out single use plastics at Council-sponsored events by the year 2022. And we became the third Tasmanian council to declare a climate emergency. The City of Launceston approved 646 planning applications worth $211.2 million in the 2018/19 financial year. That’s up from $209.6 million the year before. Throughout the year, Mowbray has been the focus of the Council’s Learning Site project. This is helping the community develop projects to make their suburb an even better place to live. The City of Launceston’s free public wi-fi network continues to expand. The network now covers more of the CBD, Riverbend Park, and QVMAG. Our FOGO service continues to grow, and we now have over
8000 registrations. We’re also helping to build events capacity in this space. Events like Festivale, Party in the Paddock, Junction Arts Festival, and also Panama, so that they can divert organics away from landfill at their events. We helped complete a study into the effectiveness of
sediment raking, in the kanamaluka / Tamar Estuary, which will give us a better understanding of how to manage it in the future. We completed a Shopping in the City report that examines retail trends in our CBD. In January we launched the EasyPark app and it’s since been used more than 300,000 times in Launceston. As part of the Launceston City Deal, we developed the My Place My Future Plan This plan aims to increase the economic and social opportunities for residents living in our Northern suburbs. We’ve developed a guide to help CBD property owners transform their buildings into inner city living projects. As you can see, it’s been another huge year at the City of Launceston. We’ve really enjoyed sharing updates with you on all our projects. And finally we’d like to thank the community for all your support during the year. We know 2020’s going to be another great year ahead.

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