2018 MacBook Air 3 Month Review – We Were Wrong!

It’s been three months since we got our
hands on the 2018 MacBook Air, and our thoughts have completely changed about it. At first, we were disappointed with a few
key problems with the new MacBook Air, and we even recommended the 2017 MacBook Pro instead,
but after three months, we’ve realized that the Air is actually the best choice for almost
everyone. I’ll explain why in just a minute. Before the new MacBook Air was released, thousands
of people were still using the old MacBook Air, with its extremely outdated design, low-quality
display and old tech. Those people just wanted a relatively cheap
and reliable Apple laptop for everyday tasks, and it did just that. Now we’ve got a brand new upgraded MacBook
Air that’s up-to-date with the latest technology. It’s not perfect, but it’s worlds better
than the old one. As a video editor, there were a few things
the new Air lacked that were really dissapointing, mainly the display. Even though it’s packing a high-resolution
Retina display, the screen itself just doesn’t get very bright, and it’s not nearly as
color accurate as other MacBooks like the 2017 MacBook Pro. That’s my biggest problem with it, but I’ve
realized that it doesn’t really matter for most people who don’t do photo or video
editing. And the display brightness is fine for almost
everyone, at least until you try to use it outside on a bright day. The second biggest problem I had was the dual-core
processor. Most of the laptop market has already moved
onto quad-core processors, and it’s disappointing to see that the Air hasn’t. However, after using it for 3 months, I’ve
realized that it runs basically everything you’d need on a daily basis, pretty well. Many old MacBook Air users were completely
fine with the old dual-core processors, and the new ones even quicker. Something that really mattered was the ports. The old Air was loaded with ports and the
new one is limited to just two. It kind of sucks, but you can get a USB-C
hub on Amazon and fix that problem for relatively cheap. The last thing to complain about is the price. It’s $1199, which is $200 more expensive
than the old Air, making it a bit more difficult for many people to obtain. However, 3 months later, you easily find a
brand new 2018 MacBook Air for less than $1100. In fact, It’s currently on sale on Amazon
for $1079. I linked that sale in the video description
if you wanna check it out. In reality, the difference in price is well
worth it for everything you’re getting. Now let’s talk what’s so special about
the new MacBook Air that makes me think it’s the best choice for almost everyone out there. First of all, the battery life is amazing. Apple says it lasts 2 hours longer than any
other current-gen MacBook, and trust me, they’re not lying. It seems to last forever! The updated design really makes it look like
a modern Mac, especially now that the huge silver display bezels are gone. The trackpad is now much larger and more comfortable
to use, and it’s now using Force touch tech, so it doesn’t actually click, the motor
beneath it vibrates to simulate a click. This means that you get even clicking feel
even at the corners of the trackpad. The old trackpad failed in that sense. Some users don’t like the low key travel
of the new keyboard, but I personally don’t mind it. It was pretty easy to get used to. It also comes with a Touch ID sensor in the
corner for logging in and buying stuff online using Apple Pay, which I don’t really care
for, but it’s convenient. One huge difference you’ll notice is in
the speakers. They sound so much better on the new Air. The old model actually doesn’t pack any
speaker grilles, the sound just comes from under the keyboard, and it doesn’t sound
good compared to the new speakers. You can comfortably watch TV shows using just
the integrated speakers on the new Air, since vocals are now loud and clear compared to
the quite dull sound of the old Air. What’s great about the new Air is that it
comes with the T2 security chip, which enhances security, encrypts storage on-the-fly, and
takes care of a bunch of different controllers so the processor doesn’t have to. I personally believe that in about 6 years
Apple will release a new MacOS update that requires the T2 chip to run, basically putting
an end to the Hackintosh. So if you’re wanting to keep your MacBook
for a long time, this is a huge reason to buy the new Air. Finally, even though it only has two ports,
they’re Thunderbolt 3 ports, so they can deliver 40Gb/s of throughput to connect everything
from external storage, external GPUs for gaming and video editing, and even connect a 5k display. The new MacBook Air basically offers everything
the average user would need and more. From battery life and reliability to speaker
and display quality, it’s got you covered. Thanks to the 8th gen processor’s modern
technology, you can even do casual video or photo editing. It may take a bit longer than on other Macs,
but it’ll get the job done. Now, if you’re more serious about your professional
work, like requiring a highly color accurate display, you should look to the MacBook Pro
instead, and if you’re doing a lot of graphics intensive work like video editing, investing
the extra cash for the 15” 2018 MacBook Pro is a wise choice. It’ll easily pay for itself in time savings. Overall, the 2018 MacBook Air is the Mac almost
everyone should be buying in 2019. I’m extremely satisfied with it after using
it for 3 months and I truly believe you will too! This has been Vadim with Max Tech, thanks
for watching and make sure to subscribe for more videos like this one.


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