2018 From The DEPO SHOT To How The Now We No Movement Changed My Life By Faith Edison, JR Part 10

Happy Tuesday everyone Faith Edison JR.
coming to you live from Memphis Tennessee
and I just wanted to go ahead and follow up with you because I said that I would
keep you along with me on my journey of coming off the Depo Shot and you
probably by this time for anyone that’s that’s following my story you know that
I’ve had my second cycle my first one was actually in November of 2017
I was off of the depo shot in July of 2017 well my second cycle came February actually it was really on February the
3rd and it lasted for a good five days and went off well I’ve had three days
without anything and then all of a sudden I started seeing spotting again
so that means that it’s back on however it’s not really heavy and it doesn’t
help to have yes coffee you know caffeine sugar these are things
that help deplete the iron so I’ve started beefing up the more greens the
more dark leafy vegetables because maybe I just need the iron you know with that
last cycle I had so much of the flow that was lost so want you to know that
it’s back on however there’s no pain no cramping no nothing that that is
uncomfortable for me so go ahead and stay with me on this journey and I will
kind of let you know a little bit more in the next video don’t forget to
SUBSCRIBE below and I’m doing this because I want people to be encouraged
that just because you’re coming off of something your body is not gonna be
normal you have to go through a few things but don’t give up just hang in
there with me as you can see I’m up and about and you know bear
very energetic so I’m definitely not feeling any pain didn’t lose and you
sleep last night but stay with me and I’ll keep you
followed up all right talk to you soon

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