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– [Lesley] Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, I’m Lesley Fightmaster,
this is YogaFix30 Day 12, and we have a HIIT class
today, with a handstand. Remember it’s high interval
intensity training, I think is what it’s. Anyway, we’re gonna work hard today, so sit up nice and tall, and close your eyes,
take a couple of long, smooth, Ujjayi breaths. Our affirmation today is I center myself in safety and accept the perfection of my life. All is well. Remembering all is well today, do your best, and that’s all we can do. As you inhale, bring your chest forward, look up, lengthen the front of the body, as you exhale, round your back as you stretch out the back body. And again, inhale bring the chest forward, look up, widen through the collarbones, exhale, round the back,
chin towards chest, pull in the belly. Inhale again, forward, looking up, exhale, rounding the back, and then we’re gonna make circles, so going to the right and the
left, the front and the back, make some circles with your
torso as we warm up our spine. A little variation of Cat and Cow. Go the other way, rounding
again through the spine. Keep your breath nice and steady as you make these movements. Let’s go one more. And then back to center, rolling forward. And make your way into
extended Child’s Pose. Keep the arms extended forward, and then as you inhale,
come up onto the knees, tuck the toes, stretch
into Downward Facing Dog. Start to bend one knee and then the other, as you warm up in your
first Down Dog today. Make sure the arms are
shoulder’s distance apart, and your feet are hips-width apart. Bend both knees, stretch back, get nice and long in your spine here. And inhale, make your way into Plank Pose, as you exhale we’ll lower
slowly all the way down. Inhale, Little Cobra, peel the chest up. As you exhale, we’ll tuck the toes, press up and back into
Downward Facing Dog. So little bit of a warmup before we increase the
intensity in a moment. Take a few long breaths here. And then looking forward, bend the knees, either step or hop feet to hands. Inhale, come halfway up, lengthen. Exhale, fold forward,
bend the knees as needed, press down to rise up on your inhale, and exhale, Samasthiti,
take the feet wide, about as wide as the mat. Coming into Malasana, so
we’re gonna use our legs here. You can always come halfway down instead of all the way down,
and then exhale lift up. Inhale lower, exhale lift and stretch. Inhale lower, exhale lift. Inhale lower, exhale lift. Inhale lower, exhale lift. Inhale lower, exhale lift. And lower, and lift, keep
the weight in the heels. Lower, exhale lift. Inhale lowering, exhale lifting up. Lower down, exhale to lift, and then fold forward,
take your feet together or hips width. Inhale look up, exhale to Plank pose. Chaturanga, then press up to Plank. Lower Chaturanga, up to
Plank, knees can be down here. Chaturanga, Plank. Exhale Chaturanga, inhale Plank. And then inhaling to Upward Facing Dog, and exhaling back into Down Dog. Look forward, step or hop the feet up, inhale, lengthen, fold on your exhale, press down to rise up inhaling. Exhale fold all the way forward again. Look up and lengthen, inhale. Exhale to Plank Pose. Chaturanga, press up, knees up or down. Again, Chaturanga, press up. Chaturanga, exhale up. Inhale lower, exhale lift, inhale lower, and next inhale Up Dog. Stretch all the way back
into Downward Facing Dog. So, getting the heart pumping, let’s breathe here for a
couple rounds of breath, and then look forward,
stepping the feet up, inhale to lengthen,
and fold as you exhale. Press through the feet,
rise up, inhale, lengthen. And exhale to Samasthiti. We’ll slow down a little bit, I think. Let’s bring the right
leg up into Tree pose, left foot is down. Squeeze the left hip in, inhale, lengthen up nice and tall,
reaching the arms up. Try and drop your right
hip down, find a nice spot to focus on to help with your balance. And long smooth breaths. Press the foot into the leg,
the leg back into the foot. And then, release it. Right foot down, we’ll pick
up the left foot into Tree. Anywhere above or below the knee is great. Reach up through arrow straight arms, let your shoulder blades relax, press your right hip in towards center as your left hip drops down. And breathe here, keep those
front ribs drawing down. And then release it. Turn to face the long side of
the mat, step your feet out. Turn the right leg all the way
out, back toes in slightly, heel to arch for Warrior II. Breathing here in Warrior
II, lift your chest, draw your shoulder blades
away from the ears. And now reverse, drop the left arm, reverse bend into the right knee, make sure the knee stays over the ankle. Inhale back up, straighten the right leg, feet to parallel, left leg out, exhale bend in second
side, line heel to arch, shoulders are above the hips. Pressing into the front heel and through the outer
edge of the back foot, back inner thigh lifts, drop the right arm, reverse your Warrior, bend into that left knee
then come on up, inhale. Straighten the leg, and feet to parallel, and then step or hop back
to the front of your mat. Back into Tree pose, right foot up, oop, little false start (laughing) finding your spot to focus
on, reach up through the arms. Remember, left hip draws in, now extend the right leg forward, we’re gonna pick up the
intensity a little bit, and then step it back, come
onto the ball of the foot, make sure left knee’s over ankle, exhale bend the right
knee, and straighten. Inhale bend, exhale straighten, inhale bend, exhale straighten, inhale bend the knee, and straighten it. Bend the knee, try to keep
the hips low and straighten, remember if it hurts the
knees, you don’t do it. Lift the leg forward, extend it out again without touching it to
the floor if possible, and then set it back down. Left side, left leg into Tree pose first. Remember pin the right
hip in towards center. Reaching up through the arms and then we’ll extend
the left leg forward, holding it up without
touching it to the floor, start to bring it back, bend the right knee, come onto
the ball of the left foot. Make sure your right
knee’s over your ankle here before you do anything else. Then exhale, bend the
back knee, and straighten. Inhale bend, exhale straighten. Inhale bend the knee, exhale straighten. Keep the hips low. Bend, and straighten,
you can bend it a little or touch it down. Straighten, without touching
it, extend the leg forward, hold it up, and then set it down, come right into Chair Pose, sit
back, weight into the heels, then belly to thighs and fold forward. Look up, inhale, step or float back, Chaturanga, inhale,
shoulders over wrist, Up Dog, or Cobra, exhale to Down Dog. Come to Plank Pose, feet together, roll to the pinky toe
side of the right foot, lift your left arm up for Side Plank. Holding here, tailbone
reaching toward heels. Keep bringing your top
hip slightly forward, remember you can always
take your bottom knee down for more support or if
you’re starting to get tired and need a little break,
take that bottom knee down. Otherwise, we’re holding. Come to Plank Pose, feet
together, Chaturanga press up, and then to the left side. So the left side, inner left elbow spins towards the front of the mat slightly, sitting bones toward heels, bring that top hip slightly forward. Holding, breathing, lengthen your tailbone toward your heels, firm the legs, remember you can take
your bottom knee down for more support as you need it. Look up toward the top hand
unless it bothers the neck. Come back to Plank, Chaturanga,
inhaling to Upward Dog, then Chaturanga, press up to Plank, and to Downward Facing Dog. Phew, good work, breathe here, remember push the pause button,
take a break if you like. Look forward, step or hop feet up, inhale lengthen, fold
forward as you exhale. Bend the knees, come back to Chair, and then to Tadasana, Samasthiti. Turn toward the long
side of the mat again. Turn your right leg out,
back toes in slightly, heel to arch, hinge from
your front hip crease, reach out and down for
Trikonasana, Triangle Pose. Press in to the base of the
big toe of the right foot as you draw your right hip under you. Bring bottom ribs forward,
spin top ribs back, looking at the top hand,
unless it bothers your neck. Lengthen out from your right hip crease through your right armpit. Look down to come up, inhale. And the other side, left leg
out, back toes in slightly, hinge from your hip
crease, reach out and down. Press now into the base of
the big toe of your left foot, as you draw that left hip under you, leaning the torso over the thigh. Bottom ribs forward,
top ribs spinning back, and lengthen from your left
hip crease through the armpit. Look down to come up, inhale. Feet to parallel, interlace
your fingers behind your back, look up, inhale, exhale full
for Prasarita Padottanasana C. So if it doesn’t work
to interlace fingers, you can always hook
thumbs or hold your strap. Soften those elbow joints,
and shift the weight toward the balls of your feet here. Crown of the head is reaching down. Squeeze the legs to come up, inhale. Release the arms, and then reclasp, other pinky or thumb on top. Look up, exhale, and fold. Again, if the weight is all in your heels, carefully shift it toward
the balls of your feet. Smooth out your breathing so
inhales and exhales are equal. Inhale, come up with a nice long spine. Step or hop together, and
back to the front of your mat. Ahh, take a break, just a little one. Inhale, look up, exhale
to fold over the legs. Look up as you lengthen, inhale. Exhale, step or float back to Chaturanga. Inhaling Upward Dog,
exhaling, Downward Facing Dog. As you inhale, make
your way to Plank Pose. Lift your right leg, exhale,
knee in toward belly, hold, shoulders are over wrists. And the extend it back,
bring it to the right tricep. Hold it there a moment,
inhale, extend it back, exhale to the left tricep, try to lift it as high as you can. Inhale, lift it up, it’s
still off the floor, and then set it down. Left leg up, just about a foot, exhale, bring it down the center, thigh toward belly, inhale lift it up, exhale to the left tricep
as high as you can. I’m getting tired, I can tell. And now the left leg
up, exhale to the right, twisting, bring it high,
bring it to center, lift it back and up, set
it back down, Plank Pose. Who knew Plank would be restful? Then come onto the forearms. Forearm Plank, elbows under shoulders. And then lower all the
way down to your belly. Ahh, thank goodness. Pausing here a moment, smooth
out your Ujjayi breathing. Now bring your hands alongside your body, and inhale Shalabasana,
lift up, lift the shoulder, heads up, inner thighs spin up, belly lifts away from the floor, sitting bones toward heels,
and release and rest. Take a long smooth breath here as you even out your breathing. (inhaling and exhaling) And then arms by ears,
lift up again, Shalabasana, inner thighs lift up,
keep the belly lifted, tailbones lengthening toward heels, and release and rest a moment. Just resting. My favorite part. And then once again lift
everything up, arms by ears, this time option to swing the arms back, take the little toe sides of the feet, lifting to Dhanurasana,
so lifting the feet up and then pressing them back, remember sitting bones toward
the backs of the knees. And lengthen, lengthen
through that lower back. Keep the belly pulled away from the floor. And slowly release. And then hands by the low ribs,
inhaling Upward Facing Dog. And exhale, Child’s Pose. Keep the arms extended
so you can give your back a nice long stretch. And now let’s come back to the forearms, elbows right under shoulders, tuck the toes under for Dolphin Plank. Keep the belly lifted, keep
the backs of the knees lifted, and lengthen sitting bones to heels. Chest is wide, collarbones are
wide, nice steady breathing. Just another breath or
two, you’ve got this. Good core work, then lift the hips, walk the feet up into Dolphin Plank, stretching out our shoulders a
bit, and then onto the knees. We’re gonna turn around
here, I’m tucking in my shirt so you know we’re going upside down. This is a handstand option. So, start in Down Dog,
step one foot forward, that’s your power leg,
then shoulders over wrists, lift the other leg up
from the inner thigh, and just take a little hop. Just a little tiny hop,
maybe a bigger hop, maybe you’ll come all the
way up, maybe you won’t, doesn’t really matter,
spin your triceps back, press away from the
floor, pull in the belly, keep the gaze slightly
forward, and then take a rest. So that’s how we can practice
our handstands if you’re, I would definitely use a wall, if you’re not going all the way up, just practice little kicks. If you want a little longer practice, push the pause button now and continue, otherwise, we’ll make our
way into Double Pigeon. So that’s ankle above
knee, knee above ankle, or if that’s too much, right
shin in front of left shin. Fingertips forward, inhale, walk yourself forward as you exhale, so it’s important to have your shins on top of each other, and your right ankle above your left knee, and
your left knee underneath, let’s see, oh, left ankle
underneath the right knee. I knew I would get it, it
just takes me a moment. And then head up, and release and switch. So now left ankle above right knee, or you can put shin, left
shin in front of right shin. And make sure that the
right knee is above, sorry the left knee is
above the right ankle if you’re doing Double Pigeon. Coming forward, nice long spine, try not to let your back round, so you’re hinging from
the hips to come forward. You can always sit up on a
little cushion or blanket if it’s hard to come forward
without rounding the back. Inhale, make your way up, feet flat, fingertips face the front,
lift into Reverse Table. Let your head go back, stretch
out the front of the body. And then set yourself back down. As we make our way onto our backs, shift your hips over to the right, drop your knees to the left, you can cross your right
knee on top of the left knee, if you want a little deeper stretch, looking to the right side. Turn your belly up toward the
ceiling as you breathe here. A nice cool down, well
deserved, you worked hard today. Come back to center, uncross
the legs if they’re crossed, take hips to the left
and knees to the right. Cross left knee over right if you want a little deeper twist, and look over your left shoulder. Turning the belly up toward
the ceiling for your twist. Even out your breath,
nice long smooth inhales. Long smooth exhales. And then make your way back into center. Lengthen your sitting
bones toward your heels In fact, hug your knees
into your chest first, and then lengthen your sitting bones toward the floor to
stretch out your spine, and now make your way into
your final resting pose. Shoulder blades toward the
waist, hips toward the heels, feet flop open, arms by your side. Close your eyes. Our quote today comes from Andre Gide. One does not discover new lands without consenting to
lose sight of the shore for a very long time. Sometimes we have to get uncomfortable to get what our goals are. So rest, I’ll be back shortly. Start to make movements in
the fingers and the toes, stretch out through your arms and legs. Take a couple big breaths
as you bend your knees, roll to your right
side, and thank yourself for doing a wonderful job
today with your practice. Come on up to seated. And we’ll bring the hands together. Let’s bring the hands to the forehead to remind us to have
clear and loving thoughts, our hands to the heart center reminding us to have clear
and loving intentions, and our hands to the mouth reminding us to have clear
and loving communication, sending positive energy out
to all beings everywhere. Namaste. Thank you so much for joining me today, you did an amazing job. Tomorrow is a total body vinyasa flow, and I just want to announce
my teacher training. I have a yoga teacher training, my very first signature teacher training with both online and in-person coursework, and it really is, teacher training is a life-changing experience. Whether you want to become a teacher, or you just want to deepen your practice, or if you just love yoga. I encourage you to check it out. Go to fightmasteryoga.com/ytt, as in yoga teacher training. See ya tomorrow, bye!


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