The third eye also known as the 6th chakra
links us directly with the Higher Self, spiritual center, and
ability to access the Akashic Records. Developing this region allows us to begin
to perceive the “truth” that surrounds us. The Third Eye Chakra governs the Center of
Wisdom, Intuition, Psychic abilities, Clairvoyance, The Pineal Gland, The Base of brain and third
ventricle, Willpower, Higher consciousness, Insight, Spiritual discernment, Distribution
center for transmitting prana (energy) to other parts of body, Divine experiences, Sleep,
our Biological clock/Circadian Rhythm, Time, Telepathy, Awareness and much more. A fully open third eye will allow you to experience
the interconnectedness with everything around you in nature and will feel a deep connection
with the Universe. This is a deep sense that allows you to see
the beauty in all things and to realize that your physical I is not your true nature. Today we will discuss 11 fundamental signs
that your third eye is opening. One. Pressure between the eyebrows. When opening your third eye, you may feel
a subtle or strong pulsation in the center of your forehead just above the eye brows. When the third eye begins to manifest on a
deeper level, you may be conscious of a sensation between the eyebrows.The pressure can be very
intense and powerful as if something is literally pushing in that area. This is very common and normal when your third
eye is opening and expanding. This is also a sign that your pineal gland is growing energetically. This pulsation sensation might seem like someone
is lightly touching your forehead, or you may feel a sensation of warmth spreading. Sometimes this sensation could appear from
nowhere; whether we have spiritual feelings or not. It’s as if it’s a signal to pull
us back in that spiritual state of mind. Two. Conscious Eating. When your Third Eye is open, you understand
that everything is energy. You recognize that food is vibration and information as well. This awakening process will have your body
going though various levels of restructuring and rebalancing. As a result, you will find that you naturally
start to become drawn to certain foods you might not be used to eating, and repelled
by foods that you have been eating for quite some time You can either eat fear or love. The choice
is yours.You start becoming more conscious of what you digest. You start to become more
aware of the energy that you place within your body. You will also notice that your sensitivity
to toxicity increases as your consciousness rises to new levels allowing you to realize
that food is energy and this inspires you to digest food what truly nourishes you, makes
you strong, raises your vibrations and not food that puts you down. Eventually you can feel the vibration of what
you are eating; your body will force you, past a certain point, to eliminate some substances
from your diet. This is fundamental, alimentation and food are everything for your spiritual
journey and for, both, healthy physical and energy bodies. This is a very natural and organic process
that you don’t have to try to control too much, but it’s certainly another indicator
that you are going thru some major changes! three. Perception beyond duality. Another sign that your third eye is opening
is that you begin to view everything around you in a totally different and new perception.
That is exactly what this chakra does, it gives you the ability to, literally, see the
oneness of all things. Among the most obvious signals of third eye
opening is an increase in foresight or intuition we start to experience – if we are paying
attention. As you are opening your third eye you will
begin to gain access to higher states of consciousness and, therefore, other dimensions; there is
no more separation between you and the others, between the observer and the observed, the
individual and the collective, the creator and creation. This of courses takes place in various stages
and it’s also related even to the expansion and opening of the Crown chakra; when you
are identified with your body, you experience yourself, inevitably, as separate from all
other bodies. When you are identified with something more
subtle, consciousness, which is life itself, manifesting in all the different forms, you
experience yourself as everyone AND everything. You become one with everything around you.
This makes you feel very connected to all living things.
You begin to raise your vibration and being to see, feel and most of all know, which is
different from just believing, that you and others are one. This is why Spirilution dot
come’s main slogan is WE.. ARE.. ONE…. We are one represents the collective consciousness. Four. Many synchronicities and number alignments. When your Third Eye is open, you move into
a higher state of Consciousness. You understand that there are no coincidences. You start
to notice all the synchronicities that have been occurring around you all along. These synchronicities will make an appearance
of “meaningful coincidences” in your life that are unlikely, ironic and sometimes very
helpful.  This phenomenon is a “wink” from the universe, a sign of your intuition
and connectedness.   If you’ve been experiencing synchronicity,
you’ve been in the right place, at the right time.
When your third eye is opening you begin elevating your state of consciousness, it is highly
likely that you will experiencing a number of signs of synchronicity. Synchronicities are responsible for bringing
people and events into our lives seemingly at just the right time. This is why they are
considered by many to be nothing more than coincidence, however there is no such thing
as coincidence if you believe in synchronicity. Although synchronicity has never been scientifically
proven it certainly doesn’t mean it does not exist. Synchronicity is like gravity in
a way, you can’t see it but it is definitely there and the more you open yourself to becoming
aware of synchronicities as they appear in your life, the more of them you will notice. When opening your third eye you will also
notice number alignments as well. These numbers will be seen everywhere from
billboards, license plates, phone numbers, lottery tickets, account numbers, and basically
anything that identifies us. You might recognize the same numbers that
seem to follow you everywhere. They are trying to tell you something. Numbers are a special
way that your angels and spirit guides can get messages to you! If you understand the
meaning of these numbers, you can communicate with your angels and guides! As you open your
third eye the higher realms take notice and begin sending you messages in many forms. The Late Albert Einstein discovered with the
law of relativity that everything in the universe is made of energy vibrating at different rates,
the more dense the matter the slower the vibration. He equated and it has been proven scientifically
that if everything in the universe is made up of energy, everything must in some way
be connected. Synchronicity reveals how we are intrinsically
connected to our seemingly dense material world through our conscious and subconscious
thought patterns. Our thoughts control our reality and the collective consciousness which
we are all part of is like an organizing principle that brings us together through synchronistic
experiences which help us all to evolve on both our physical and spiritual journey through
eternity. five. Change in Thought Patterns and Mind
Expansion. When opening your third eye you will start
developing Heightened concentration and focus. Your mind will being to expand as you open
yourself to a whole new world. You soon realize that how you used to think
before doesn’t work anymore. You begin to think differently. The old ways of thinking
are gone as they do not align with the reality you are living after your awakening. You begin to understand easily very complicated
concepts, especially when you begin to be guided by spirit and taught the higher truths.
Communication happens faster and in a way never experienced before. You begin to receive energetic information
from the higher realms containing important all catered to your existence and life purpose. 
You begin feeling a calm, clear feeling that the world is completely open to you and your
potential is limitless, this is a sign you’re identifying more with the Self and connecting
to your third eye. You being to question everything around you
and realize that you have been living a dormant life. You may begin to question life and search
for your own answers without accepting blindly what you have been taught all of your life. An inner process of mental transformation
and reorganization begins; you erase old teachings, substituting with your newly found truths. Six. Light & Sound Sensitivity. With the opening third eye, you could find
yourselves a bit more sensitive to light and sound all together.
You will also begin seeing fuller range of colors and certain colors may appear more
brighter than before. With an opening third eye, you might find
yourself a little bit more sensitive to light and seeing a fuller range of colors.
Vivid colors and awareness of light are not always obvious or overwhelming, but they bring
greater awareness of what is happening around you. If you focus on your third eye during meditation,
stronger lights may appear. You being to see the light. This is a great indication that
your third eye is opening or is fully opened. You may also find yourself suddenly very sensitive
to certain sounds and tones. You may find that low tones are soothing and high tones
cause great rushes of emotions. Your choice in music may also change as well. Seven. Increased head aches. When opening your third eye you may begin
feeling pressure in your head that may alarm you. Do not worry too much as there is a great
chance that your kundalini energy is trying to activate the final stages of opening up
your third eye. At times, that pressure can begin to ache
a little. Consider it a little bit of energy overload. Head pressure is an actual sign of the spiritual
eye opening, particularly in the center of the forehead. It is an indication that one’s
pineal gland is developing energetically. kundalini energy or otherwise known as, “Spirit
energy” will rise and build up near your pineal gland and energize your third eye chakra. This energy lies dormant in most people, but
can become triggered by a number of different influences. This kundalini energy has one
purpose… To make it’s way up your spine, activating
all of your chakras in the process and clearing away everything that stands in the way of
your full blown enlightened state. This is rarely a smooth process however and
often times this kundalini energy gets stuck at certain chakras, and as a result, it sort
of, pools in that particular area until it is cleared. eight. New Found Life Purpose. You will likely find yourself much more concerned
than ever before about your, life purpose. Since your third eye is awakening You may
begin to sense more clearly, the negative energy of your work place… or perhaps, the
true intentions of some of your friends of family members. You are waking up to the truth of things and
seeing your life very differently.  On the surface, everything may be the same, but it’s
like you climbed up on a hill and now have a drastically new perspective on everything. You may find that the things at your current
job, or relationship that weren’t a big deal before start to become more noticeable
and off-putting. The result is that you draw different conclusions
about it and may discover many things that feel out of alignment with how you want it
to be. This is a very expected and normal, transitory
period of your awakening. You begin to realize that Awakening does not
always mean becoming more aware of all of the love everywhere, it means becoming more
aware of EVERYTHING. The opening of the third eye represents change.
It can alter your perspective and your personality. The changes are beneficial. You may become
more tolerant or less selfish. As your third eye opens, you may have the feeling that things
are changing around you and within you. You will be able perceive much more love and
divinity in all things, but at the same time, and same rate, you will perceive more of the
darkness in all things, including your friends, job, and family…potentially.
At the same time, you must KNOW that the timing is always PERFECT and you are ready to handle
whatever falls in your lap. Nine. Lucid and Vivid Dreaming. Another sign that your third eye is open is
when you find yourself having amazing Lucid and vivid dreams. The kind of dreams that
you never forget. These dreams a extremely vivid and feel like an enhanced reality world.
An open Third Eye results in increased melatonin levels, which leads to extremely vivid dreaming. Since your pineal gland regulates your sleep
cycles, you will find that you sleep much better and that your dreams are more vivid
and you’re lucid dreaming. This means that you will feel that you can
control your dreams and you will be able to realize your true infinite self and the infinite
possibilities that exist in a state of sleep. Additionally, you will realize that this world
of dreams is the same as the “real world” in which we live, for example the fact that
we have unlimited possibilities and we are all masters of our own universe. Ten. Psychic powers and Higher States of Consciousness. An open third eye will bring back your psychic
powers as well as enhanced telepathic communications. You will also develop Clairvoyance, clairvoyance,
clairsentience, as well as Extra Sensory Perceptions, just to name a few. You may begin to feel like you can sense when
something bad is going to happen. You may be able to figure out what people plan to
do before they do it. Your instincts are as a well-adjusted compass
that points you in the “right” direction to achieve what your soul is looking for. Opening the third eye brings psychic abilities.
With activating the pineal gland, you are able to read instinctive signals far easier
until they become almost like another sense, hence the term sixth sense is derived from. The feeling that we are all part of the same
whole also becomes clear and you are capable of empathy with others, knowing that they
are part of the same universal consciousness. Intuition is no more “just a feeling”, but
a tool that begins to work with higher and higher levels of precision. Spiritual development
naturally increases the intuition. Intuition is the ability to know something will happen
before it actually does; it’s a subtle feeling that comes and goes without warning. But over time, this feeling can get stronger
and stronger, and become a guiding principle in our lives. Do not deny your intuition as
the universe is trying to let you in on a big secret. Eleven. Seeing Truth in all things. When you open your third eye you begin to
naturally understand the hidden language spoken by nature, by life. Everything is more alive,
conscious, everything speaks and communicates with you, especially with frequencies and
energy. You can see beyond things and labels, you
can easily detect all the ways society uses to program us. The rare times you are watching the news,
you can see what they are not telling you, by watching what they are transmitting. Your
perception completely switches as you see only truth. You see thru lies and you read
between the lines of everything. You can see that everything has a hidden meaning
and everything teaches you, that everything is interdependent and interconnected in existence. You begin to learn an hidden language spoken
by nature, by life. Everything is more alive, conscious, everything speaks and communicates
with you, especially with frequencies and energy.


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