10 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Older MacBook Pro (Non Retina)

Welcome back to Kagan Tech and today I’m
going to be sharing with you my 10 reasons why you might want to buy an older MacBook
pro that was made in mid 2012 as opposed to any of the newer MacBook pro that were made
after 2013. Okay so the first thing that I would like
to talk about here is the price, you can actually still get this MacBook brand new for around
850 dollars to anywhere around a thousand dollars on amazon or any other stores on the
internet, maybe even cheaper if you get a great deal. Compared to all the other MacBooks that is
an insane deal. The second thing that I would like to talk
about is the battery charge indicator, this thing is a life saver, you wouldn’t understand
how important this is until you don’t actually have it anymore. The third thing I would like to talk about
is the DVD drive, yes DVD’s are kind of obsolete now but it’s kind of nice to have
it, sometimes you are going to buy some equipment that’s going to require you to install some
software, some of this softwares are running into gigs and gigs and gigs of download data
and it’s just comfortable when you can just take the cd and then just slot it in and install
whatever it is you are trying to install, imagine needing a DVD drive and then you have
to carry around an external DVD drive, that is a huge pain in the ass. Another great thing to talk about will be
the ports that this computer offers you I mean you get an ethernet port, an SD card
reader… I mean an SD card reader, that’s like a
unicorn this days. Don’t get me started on the IR receiver
and the sleep light… I mean why do you have a computer that you
can use for presentation when you cannot use the apple remote with it. I mean how do you know if your computer is
completely turned off or it’s on sleep mood without actually having to open up the computer
and then here is another very obvious one, a dedicated power button.. I’m not even going to talk about this one
I’m too upset, let’s just move on. And now, let’s move on to the most important
reasons on my list, the upgradability of this machine and it’s repairability, I could
easily open up this machine and change anything that is broken inside this machine. Say I spilled coffee on my keyboard for example
I could change the keyboard myself, say I broke my trackpad I could just order a new
one on the internet and just install it myself then I could push it up to 16gigs of ram without
having to pay through my nose. I could upgrade my hard drive to an SSD by
myself by just buying one on the internet, opening up the computer and installing it
yet again and don’t get me started on magsafe, Oh My God magsafe… why did they ever take
away magsafe what the hell are you thinking apple, magsafe is literally one of the best
things apple ever invented, why they took it away I will never understand. Now if you want magsafe with the new apple
computers you are going to have to buy a USB C to magsafe converter or something like that
from third party manufacturers, there are many of them on amazon but why do I have to
spend extra money to be able to charge my computer safely, it doesn’t make any sense
and for the people who want to complain about the screen resolution of 1280 by 800 here
is an awesome light ball moment for you, you can just buy an external monitor for a hundred
and fifty dollars or less and you have your HD screen and you can edit your photos and
edit your videos and see everything in HD or cinema ultrawide or whatever other resolutions
you want to view your content in, and here is a fun fact for you guys, if anything happen
to this MacBook right now I will only be interested in replacing it with the exact same model
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see you on my next video that should be coming in the next couple of days… Peace.


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