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I am from Batam. Today, I would like to share that I have suffered from Sinusitis. In 2008, I had Sinusitis and consulted a doctor in Singapore. I was told there is no cure for my ailment. Because when i am exposed to dust or air conditioner, it will recur. But I took the necessary precautions with regard to my activities. But it was difficult to avoid Because once you have Sinusitis it is difficult to take care. I cannnot avoid the dust and air conditioner because Batam is dusty and because of the hot weather we usually turn on the air conditioner. In 2013, after suffering Sinusitis for 5 years, my nose had become infected and pussy. I went to see a doctor in Batam and he confirmed that my nose had become infected and my right eye was tearing continuously. My eyesight became blurry. I went to see the doctor but there was no improvement. My nose was stuffy the left and right sides My vision was blurred and the eye teary. I remembered that my father took S Lutena (Super Lutein) Before consuming S Lutena he needed to wear spectacles But now he doesnt need to wear spectacles anymore. I tried S Lutena because my right eye was teary After finishing the first bottle, I realised that my eyesight had improved. It is clearer and not teary anymore. After finishing two more bottles, my sinusitis was gone. Until now. I started consuming in 2013 and I have not experienced Sinusitis until now (2017) My nasal passage is clear and not congested anymore. Praise God

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