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How are you? (Good) Good afternoon I am Mr Lim. Before I got to know about this product, I had some eye problems. I had astigmatism and a little bit of floaters. I am only 30+ years old but I have problems like these. Concerning astigmatism, the person who recommended this product said it was very effective. I was very concerned, because it seemed too good to be true! But I had not taken yet. After that I decided to take as I had already bought it. So, every day I took 3 capsules. In just 3 days, my astigmatism was totally gone. Totally gone! I was shocked. Because every night, I am a Sales Person, every morning, I go out early, coming back, on the way on the highway, some people turn on their “high light”, I had difficulty seeing because of my astigmatism. That was my problem. But after taking 3 capsules for 3 days, I could see straight ahead. Even though people turn on their the high lights, I did not feel discomfort in looking ahead. That gave me confidence in this product. My first testimonial. My second experience… For 3 years, I have not changed my spectacles. Only this year I changed. Previously, every time I changed my spectacles, my power would increase, and not decrease. increase more But this time when i checked, the power did not increase But it decreased! I would also like to share my father’s testimonial. Since I have such a good product, My father had diabetes, high blood pressure and cataract. I let him eat. My father doesn’t like to take supplements. I have bought many types of products for him, but I end up taking them, not him. But every day, I urged him to take super lutein and izumio because I wanted him to be healthy. My mother also had some health problems. Their health is very important to me. If anything were to happen to them, what can I do? They are very dear to me. I gave each of them a bottle of super lutein and told them to inform me if the izumio water finishes. Every day, they would each take 3 capsules of super lutein and one packet of izumio. I asked them to take more, but they were concerned about the cost, but I told them not to worry about the cost as cost is not their problem, what is important is their health. If they are not healthy, whatever expensive things given to me, would be meaningless. So, I asked them to eat. My father, after consuming for 6 months, his diabetes became ‘normal’. Every time, he went for check up, I followed him I looked at his report. In just 6 months, his diabetes has become normal. Before that, his hair used to be mostly white. Last year, during my brother’s wedding, a lot of his hair was already white. But today, most of them has turned black! This is so miraculous! I am speechless about this product! When I showed my father his photo I let him see his previous photo, taken during my brother’s wedding white hair, and today, any difference? He himself was shocked to see the difference! A lot of black hair now! Previously, he needed to wear spectacles to read the newspapers. He doesn’t need to do that now! This is truly an amazing product! In such a short time, my parents’ health have greatly improved. Now I am not so anxious about them, because if the products finish, they chase me. I dont chase them anymore. These two products are so powerful. They could see the effect. So if we treasure our health, think of those who are around us and our loved ones. So please share these products with them. Thank you.

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