Каллизия душистая или Золотой ус. Лекарственные растения на подоконнике. Рецепты.

good day dear friends today we you are talking about a conflict of fragrant and
Golden moustache a great indoor plant
in our latitudes indoor getting acquainted with its medicinal
properties and what it is remarkable admit it from whom is growing such the flower
photo it you just know. you see me. I’m filming on his backdrop of
this plant with creeping shoots in nature, its height reaches two
metres’ home conditions grows to one
meter of the collision is long and fragrant wide sheet
as you can see they look similar to corn. these leaves are located on the vertical
stems from which there are antennae
cranberry shoots. at the ends of the tendrils are rosettes of small leaves
from the outlet reappears antennae and on the ends
are formed outlets here is precisely these antennae and given the name of plants.
Golden and very much appreciated people’s healers Golden moustache
therapeutic properties and contraindications which
which has been studied already for more than one decade. green leaves at
contact with direct sunlight change color and become reddish
a plant blooms rarely but when this occurs
Golden mustache looks very nice. massive main leaves and suddenly he
shoots twigs strewn on entire length
small translucent flowers with white petal
and smell these flowers on and very pleased here is because of this fragrance and the size of the leaves you
don’t confuse conflict with its fragrant namesake callisia graceful and callisia fragrant
creeping. the first leaves are small with white longitudinal stripes grow on
long stems and 2 leaves to make it even smaller looks like a heart, and we need it.
gold the use it is known since the 80’s years of the last century and has come to plant
us from South America ginseng
or also known as Golden mustache has the property to stop development
cells cancer this figured out American and canadian scientists conducted a series of
researches’ these valuable substances are found in juice
conflicts it’s steroids and flavonoids but I’m you.
friends warn not engage self-medication and in any case always
consult your doctor and so steroids vegetable their actions and is antitumor
and still anti-sclerotic and anti bacterial
fit the asteroids used for the normalization metabolism
treatment of thyroid and prostate flavonoids responsible for the condition
vessels the healing of wounds burn injuries removal of inflammatory
processes are friends with vitamin c because of that a couple of them they call vitamin c 2
together with phytosterols my flavonoids they struggle with the development of tumors and
contribute to the outflow of bile Golden mustache two types of kempferol flavonoids
and the firmament shows these substances and the type of its action with skin with each other and so
let’s list their spectrum of action anti-inflammatory vessel-strengthening tonic removes toxins and sodium
salts, diuretic, anti-allergic decongestant
antioxidant from diathesis and rheumatism from not phyto and some heart
diseases’ inhibit age-related changes in
the body copes with diseases of the eyes aging of the cornea from arthritis
atherosclerosis, bronchial asthma and etc
having carried out the analysis of useful substances and their actions our comprehension that largely
Golden mustache healing properties reviews the application is similar to Zhen-Shen
nice to know that you have on the window is such a flower now you can give odds
Tibetan monk. treated friends but with caution on
the basis of the received after researches the results were confirmed
medicinal properties venominaga hair and since these properties are very
versatile and powerful find out not only what benefits
carries a Golden mustache contraindications it is also specify and
let’s start with them without control application of ointment of the juice of the broth and other sleep
the lady from the Golden mustache can hurt Dallas Tuim ligaments
cause edema and an allergic rash, and headache poisoning should not be given
his baby is under 7 years old pregnant women and nursing mothers
prostate adenoma if you do not belong to the listed
category of people treat yourself but carefully and do not exceed
dosage and again consult with your attending physician.
and will help cope house ginseng a whole list of diseases
normalization of work of housing and communal services the acid-alkaline environment of bronchitis and asthma
slagging of the body of the boar make a poultice from the leaves
low back pain joint pain sciatica make compresses as the pain in my throat
normalization of digestion and metabolism substances’
strengthening the immune system and recovery the cells responsible for protecting our
the body from bad microorganisms. work of kidneys
spleen-pancreas malfunction with gall bladder stomach and thin
bowel periodontal disease and varicose veins disease Parkinson’s disease and periodontal disease
mastopathy and impotence glaucoma and vasospasm hemorrhoids and
helminthic invasion colic mycoplasmosis anemia and trichomoniasis with tonsillitis cystitis rheumatism cosmetic problems
acne inflammation on the skin is easier and so further for the treatment of the above
diseases in different types of applies Golden us and
so read prescriptions, prepare drugs if you have homes is growing Golden us you
lucky you always have at hand tendrils of plants because they
leaves are valued for their properties how to prepare juice of fresh leaves
rinse cut into pieces and squeeze the juice out of them
do not make stocks for the treatment suitable only fresh juice juice helps with
skin diseases skin cancer burns plantar callosity
lump on the bones of the legs, heals wounds removes cystic neoplasms
calm down the external painful joints the usage of the welding compressor is good
strained juice can bury your eyes into the eyes. you can prepare the ointment
it is preparing a tank taken again fresh Golden mustache
and preparing for one of the two recipes 1 mix fresh juice with any baby
cream 1 part juice and three parts cream very
stir well and second you can also chop the leaves of the callia stems until
States of the pulp and mix in proportion two to three with baby cream
that is, either the juice or the leaves together with the sustavchikov Golden mustache cream
children can also take vaseline oil. store ointment in the refrigerator and
lubricates her injuries frostbitten skin ulcer lubricated body arthritis
sciatica arthrosis cold and even well, it’s folk recipes for hypertension
not tested and everything else you can to try for yourself but the recipe for the broth
a single sheet of whisker amount not less than 20 centimeters if you have leaf and smaller
take two leaf shred the and, fill the in enameled pots. can be 0.7 can be one liter of boiling water and
cook 35 minutes on low heat then remove from heat wrap and insist
another day take the broth when sugar diabetes pancreatitis catches
gastrointestinal tract 3-4 times in day for 30 -40 minutes until food on 50 -100
millilitres’ and now for the tincture recipe.
tincture is prepared on alcohol-containing solutions’
it may be the spirit or even just vodka 50 pieces sustavchikov Golden mustache grind and insist in a half-liter of vodka
10 days then strain to take 2 times a day in the morning on an empty stomach 40 minutes before meals
and evening for 40 minutes before eating, take need according to the following scheme
first day 30 milliliters of water at dig 10 drops of tincture and drink in
the second day to accept already on 11 drip and it the third day about 12 drops
thus allow 1 drop


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